Children's Pamper Parties Exeter

Tinkerbelle Spa Sparkle Party for 4 - 8 year olds

As everyone knows Tinkerbelle has special sparkle fairy dust and these little Tinkerbelles are no exception, The Tinkerbelles spa sparkle party is the sparkliest party in town.

The guests will be welcomed by the party girl where they will each be given a bag of 'Fairy dust' to look after (to be used later on)

Then the fun begins with the party girl being first in line for some pampering

* We have a bubbly spa for each of the fairies to dip their toes into then they empty their 'Fairy dust' into it to see the sparkle appear we then have pink fluffy towels to dry their fairy toes on, The fairies then choose their special fairy sparkle design from a wide choice of glitters, gems, chix nail wraps and sparkle polishes *

Once all of the Tinkerbelles have dried we will then play 'Give the fairy dust to Tinkerbelle' and 'Pass the Neverland Parcel'

We will then use some more magic to sparkle up our fingers

* With special 'Fairy dust' lotions to make our hands sparkly then the little Tinks can choose a sparkle polish of their choice for their fingers *

The Tinkerbelles can then flit down the path to Never Never Land where Peter Pan or Wendy (Mums & Dads) will be waiting to applaude them on recieving their special Tinkerbelle Diploma.

Of course a party is not complete without a gift for the head Tinkerbelle which will be given to the special girl by Lucy.

The cost of a Tinkerbelle Spa party is £80.00 lasting 2 hours for 6 Tinkerbelles

Party bags can also be supplied at a cost of £ 4.50 per guest.